Patanjali Arogya Vati 3-in-1 (Giloy, Neem & Tulsi) 80 Tabs


1. It strengthens the immune system & makes body less vulnerable to diseases.
2. Arogya Vati contains Guduchi or Giloy as its main ingredient which is described as ‘The one who protects the body’ is very much beneficial for Immunity.
3. Arogya vati is also used to build immunity in Cancer & AIDS patients where body immunity is very low.
4. Arogya vati provides relief in Arthritis conditions too.
5. Helpful in common cough & cold as it increases immunity to fight the bacteria in respiratory tract & the body.
6. Arogya Vati is a best healer for all kinds of Fevers.
7. It is a very safe ayurveda medicine for long term use.

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