Mountain Glen Ash Gourd Powder VEGAN BOX 10 Sachets – SUPER FOOD


Mountain Glen Ash Gourd Winter Melon Juice Instant Drink Natural 100 grams (10 Sachets) Ash-gourd is loaded with nutrients. It’s an excellent source of vitamin B1 (thiamine), a good source of vitamin B3 (niacin), and vitamin C. It is also rich in many minerals like calcium. Its high potassium content makes this a good vegetable for maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Product Quantity: 100 grams Shelf Life: 12 Months Ingredient Type: Vegetarian Package Content: 10 Sachets of Instant Premix Power, 10 grams each Storage instructions: Store in a cool dry place Taste Naturally Sweet Ingredients: Ash Gourd Powder, Minerals

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